Create, inspire, and ignite conversations here. Your moment is now, and we can’t wait to see our stationery accompany you on this journey we call life.

Our Story

Paper. Scissors. Rock…

…Scissors, Paper, Pen?

Just like any ordinary day, two young women who were feeling lost in their regular routine felt inspired by the belief that without the touch of sparkle in their lives, everything just seemed mundane and almost pointless. They never knew that this would come in the form of stationery, and to be quite specific, stationery that would ignite courage, love and hope. Thus, this gave birth to a vision of creating tools that aren’t only there to help you write a simple letter, but to write one of positive change.

Founded in 2019, Ka and Pey wanted to remind all the hardworking women out there that they deserve to be using the best of the best when it came to all things pen and paper. The problem they saw was the lack of beautiful products to create beautiful things with these beautiful minds!

Mesmerizing Moments is the epicenter to everything that embodies the heart of the brand. “When you hold our stationery in your hands, we want it to make you feel like you can take on the world, and nothing less.”

So how about it? Let’s take on the world together. Your journey begins here, ladies.

Why Choose Mesmos?

Each and every one of our desk items are dexterously designed in Australia. We put as much thought into how our stationery compliments your little office space, just as much as we put thought in the quality of usability they offer!

Have you ever picked up a pen at random and been in awe over how it just slides effortlessly across the paper?
Oh yes, we know that feeling. And we’re here to recreate that.

Australian designed

All our stationery is dexterously designed back home in Australia with care. We understand how each item should feel in your palms, and we work hard to ensure the quality is impeccable.

Prompt delivery

We care that your Mesmos set is delivered perfectly to your door. Fast and prompt delivery will ensure that you get your hands on our beautiful stationery in no time.

Customer satisfaction

We believe strongly in our product, however we understand that sometimes things happen. If you are not happy with what you receive, we will work hard to help you turn things around.

24/7 support

We provide customer service satisfaction guarantee. Wherever you are in the world, we will be here 24/7 to make sure all your questions are answered and expectations are met.

This was a gift to my manager who has worked here for 40 years. When she unwrapped it the whole office ahhhed it. It is so beautiful.

- Jamie S

This was a gift to my manager who has worked here for 40 years. When she unwrapped it the whole office ahhhed it. It is so beautiful.

- Jamie S

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