Great Addition to Your Cool Desk Accessories: A Great Book by Marie Forleo: Everything is Figureoutable

This year, we all need to take a moment to re-evaluate our self-care routines. The world has changed so much in the last year, that we have had to re-learn and re-invent many of our routine activities. From working and attending school online, to having groceries delivered, and even having medical consultations via Zoom meeting, we have had to find new ways to care for ourselves and thrive. So what better time than now, to read a top-notch personal development book and really take your self-care in challenging times to a new level?

Making the Most of Your Year

Marie Forleo’s book, Everything is Figureoutable, has the perfect take for those trying to maintain a positive self-care and life routine in these unusual times. Not only is it difficult to do everything you need to get done, these days, it’s also tough to feel supported and nurtured in isolation from others. Each chapter in this book offers a specific strategy you can employ to solve your problems, accomplish your goals, and achieve your dreams. And, while Marie probably didn’t anticipate in 2019, the struggles we would all be faced with in 2020, her direct, common-sense approach to self-help and self-care is a perfect tool for taking on new challenges of all kinds.

The Nuggets You’ll Find

Each chapter of the book is centered around practical steps to take toward achieving goals and encouraging, inspirational anecdotes. Marie also includes actionable asides via her “Figureoutable Field Notes” and “Insight to Action Challenge” pages. There’s nothing better than a self-help book that gives you the little nudge in the right direction to actually take action and get started! So visit your favorite stationery store online and order a new journal or some pretty stationery and some fun fancy pens for women to sit down and take notes! Marie reminds us that we retain and benefit more from the information we write down.

With chapter titles like “The Magic of Belief”, “How to Deal with the Fear of Anything”, “Define Your Dream”, and “Refuse to Be Refused”, Marie sets a motivational stage that puts all of the power squarely in your hands, and then gives you the tools to succeed. This brand of Self-Help is not just about giving esoteric advice and reciting abstract platitudes. Marie provides affirmations (“Everything is Figureoutable!”)(209) and step-by-step instructions to get you on the road to where you want to be. With a healthy dose of tough love (“Nothing in this book will work unless you do.”)(15) and positive reinforcement (“People can’t be failures.”)(111), Marie sets her readers up for personal journey on the road to success.

In a Nutshell

There is so much positivity and personal empowerment in the pages of Everything is Figureoutable that I could probably write a review about it that was nearly as long as the book itself. This is a practical guide to take on life’s challenges one problem at a time, focusing your energy and effort precisely on the goal you hope most to achieve. Written by an insightful woman, this book really speaks to giving women powerful strategies for successfully approaching life. But it also reads with a depth of empathy and humanity that can benefit anyone who invests in receiving its message of positivity and personal strength. 

Do yourself a favor and pick up Everything is Figureoutable and just see the beauty of taking control of your dreams and supporting yourself as you take on whatever life has to offer head-on. You won’t be sorry.

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