Mesmos 2020 Printable Monthly Calender

Staying home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep track of your days. We know it can become a habit to not be concerned about the hours in your week anymore, but we’re here to encourage you to try by downloading our printable blank monthly calendar.

Calendars don’t just mark down important events, they have been there over the years to symbolise a new chapter, and are a solid representation of how we overcame our shortcomings in the face of adversity.  

We may not be able to control the current climate, but we can control how it should make us feel. Waking up and marking down the important days, and finding new ways to celebrate them. Milestones will happen, with or without being able to go outside – so take note of those! Use this time to set goals, and create occasions you can look forward to. We’ve all been through our own trials and tribulations, what’s another one to add to the bag?

This is only a temporary setback, but your life isn’t on hold. Now is the time to get creative!

Download your copy of printable blank monthly calendar and get rolling now!

April 2020 

May 2020

June 2020 

July 2020 

August 2020 

September 2020 

October 2020 

November 2020

December 2020 

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