The Art of Writing Thank You Cards – (with fancy pens of course!)

Even before the necessary isolation 2020 ushered in for most of us, our digital world has changed the way we communicate with one another. Shooting a quick text or email has become standard in our personal and professional lives. Often, the simple act of reaching out to another person is something done quickly and conveniently rather than individually and with care. Now, more than ever, taking the time to craft a beautiful, personalized thank you note can help us to reconnect and show our gratitude in a unique way.

Writing thank you notes is a fun way for women to stay connected, strengthen relationships, and get creative. Here are some things to note when you’re writing your Thank Yous!

Thoughtful Details

Everyone loves to get mail that isn’t a bill or junk. Writing a thank you note goes the extra mile to show your appreciation and the more thoughtful details you include in your note, the better! Choose pretty stationery with striking features like rose gold foil or floral print. Stickers and stencils are another nice way to add a personal touch beyond your written message. 

Craft Your Message

When writing a good Thank You, it’s not just what you write, it’s how you write it. Try hand-lettering with metallic calligraphy pens or markers. Thank you notes tend to be pretty short and sweet, so they are a great place to practice your creative lettering skills. Messages that are written beautifully are not only meaningful to receive, but also a treat to read.

Create Your Workstation

Having your own creative space will make writing your thank you notes a joy and a pleasure. Add warmth to your writing space with rose gold desk accessories. A calming, aesthetically pleasing environment will inspire you to try new things creatively, both in your writing and artistic projects. Pretty writing utensils and stationery in a beautiful space will take your thank you notes to the next level.

Write From the Heart

Knowing what to write in a thank you note can be tough! Adding a simple book of quotes to your cool desk accessories can be the perfect tool to inspire and enhance your notes. Starting your thank you notes with a meaningful quote will inspire your unique message. Short, sweet, and to-the-point may be the way to get thank you notes done quickly (especially if you have a lot to send) but adding small details can make a short note very special.

Make It A Keepsake

Whether you’re adding fancy lettering, cute stickers, or thoughtful quotes, every layer of thought you put into your thank you note makes it that much more meaningful to the recipient. Let the little details tell a personal story that connects you to the people you are grateful for. Your unique touches will make every note you send more than just an expression of thanks. Each card will be a keepsake that can be treasured.

Showing gratitude to the people in your life is one of the most powerful ways we can lift one another up. Women empowering each other through expressions of gratitude is a wonderful way to re-connect and strengthen your relationships, no matter the distance.

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