The Benefits of a Tidy Work and Home Environment

Do you need to work from home but find it tough to get a tidy spot for a productive session? You are not alone. As more professionals enter the gig economy, it becomes convenient to carry the bulk of the work home where it is serene.

Yet, you ought to know how to strike a balance between your home demands and work schedules. An excellent starting point is tidying your work station. What is a tidy work station? How is it beneficial to you?

Here is a quick guide.

What Does a Typical Tidy Work and Home Environment Look Like?

When working from home, you can keep your workspace and the rest of the house tidy by doing the following:

  • Having all your chic desk accessories, including fancy pens for women and rose gold office supplies at one convenient spot.
  • Buying noise cancellation headphones when working in a rather noisy or eventful home.
  • Getting your coffee or tea break snacks near you to limit your movements around the house.
  • Setting definite time slots for work, spending time with your spouse and children, and doing your household chores.
  • Making adequate plans for daycare services for toddlers who need constant attention.
  • Installing all the digital tools you need to work from home. These include Google Hangouts for your video meetings and Asana for team management.
  • Preparing a task list for the work you want to accomplish for that day.
  • Distribute this list amongst various timeslots depending on their priorities.
  • Agreeing with your teammates on the best time to receive or make calls, or chat with a client.


Hence, you may have to set boundaries by:

  • Setting ground rules that your family members must observe during your working hours.
  • Using headphones or hoodies to block any distractions.
  • Logging off all your social media platforms.
  • Switching off or setting your private phone on silent mode

Benefits of Tidy Home and Work Environment

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It Makes You More Productive

Picture this. When you organize your home into a functional space, it is much easier to get your chores done in the shortest time possible when you take advantage of smart technology to automate your kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

At the click on your smartphone or remote control, you can get your meals ready when you are away. Have your clothes or dishes set, and the machines will do the work for you.

Equally, when you organize your office with modern desk accessories and rose gold office supplies, you have all your sketchbooks, pencils, and stationery stored in a particular system.

The same applies to your loose items like earphones, keys, and paperclips. This way, you have everything at your disposal to help you achieve your set targets for the day.


You Maintain Professionalism

When extending your office tasks to your home office, it can be hard setting boundaries between family time and working time. But, when having a separate area where you do your work, it becomes easier to be professional at home.

At this work station, you will have all your pretty stationery, desktop, printer, and other office accessories. You can even set up an online meeting with a colleague without worrying about the walls or kids running around.


Clarity of Thoughts

We’ve heard it all before. A bright space makes a clear mind. That is, if you want to concentrate on a particular task, you must de-clutter your workspace. That way, your visual sensors are not distracted by any movements, noises, or stuff that is lying all around you.

Indeed, scientific research supports this notion. In the study, the Princeton Neuroscience Institute’s research team confirms that having multiple visual stimuli can distract your thought process. Such provocations make your brain work extra harder, trying to process all these clues.


Creates a Safe Working and Living Environment

A tidy workspace is less prone to accidents. You know, there are no computer or telephone cables to make you trip and fall. Likewise, all your files and office supplies are neat in their shelves, leaving the floor free from any obstacles.

Second, when you keep your office clean, you get rid of any buildup of harmful germs that cause diseases. Dusting and vacuuming your shelves every so often prevents issues of respiratory disturbances. In its place, you get to enjoy a spacious office that brings in the fresh air.

Third, in times of emergencies, it is easier to handle the situation or seek help from outside when you have a working emergency routine. For sure, it is about knowing where to shelter from a fire or potential burglary. For example, having a fire extinguisher at the designate areas of your office will make it easier to contain a fire before help arrives.


Then, is your workspace at home tidy? Do you have the office supplies and organizers to plan an efficient private time to work?

What about your spouse and kids? Do they understand the boundaries you want to set up? Remember, your family needs you as much as your work demands, if not more.

Then, plan to have a work-life balance that is healthy and beneficial for all. Come on board to the Mesmos family to learn more.

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