Creating a Cosy Writing Space

Beautiful Stationery to Break Writers’ Block

Whether you are a full-time writer, a hobby writer, or just somebody who enjoys scribbling down notes and ideas, this is the blog for you. Writing, whether with a pen or a keyboard, is something so incredibly human. It sets us apart from all other animals. It allows us to share our thoughts, feelings, ideas, and experiences with the world, through language. Words have the power to change the world, and when you have writers’ block, something is stopping your words from pouring out from you. It can be super irritating when you’re sitting at your desk waiting for the words to come, and they don’t. One thing that can help remove the block from your writing is creating a cozy writing space. I, for one, am addicted to looking through pinterest for ideas for my writing space. For me, my writing space is my office. For you, it might be a cozy spot in your bedroom. Creating a cozy writing space doesn’t have to cost tons of money. Here are some top tips for breaking that block.

Start with the beautiful stationery.

Your first port of call is to visit stationery stores online and grab some equipment that makes you want to pick up your fancy pens and get writing. Pretty stationery can help to make your writing area feel both modern and cozy. I’m a particular fan of rose gold accessories as they can brighten up any writing space. Once you’ve got yourself some fancy stationery, it’s time to move onto the wider environment.

A desk! You need something to set your beautiful stationery (and notepad/laptop) on. The desk you choose will be influenced by the space you have. For me, you can’t beat a sleek white desk like this one from IKEA: Hemnes Desk. You choose whatever works for you. If you can’t have something permanent, you could choose a laptop tray and that will get the job done for you, and you can even work from your bed! Check out these lap desks from NY Mag for some ideas: Best Lap Desks.  

Some comfy, cozy accessories.

Here are my non-negotiables for your writing area!

  1. A comfy blanket and cushion. This can transform any chair into somewhere you want to be!
  2. A plant. What is cozier than a plant?
  3. A copper pen holder to house your fancy stationery.
  4. A webcam cover. This is a must-have for the modern writers.
  5. Lots of notepads! The more the better.

Your writing space should reflect you. Whatever you love the most, put in that space. If you like things to be minimal, then go for minimal. If you like lots of personal items, then do that! Having a cozy writing area, particularly one with beautiful stationery, can kick that writers’ block out of the park. Happy writing!

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