Free Printable Christmas Planner for a Memorable Christmas

Ah, the Holiday season once again. With the way 2020 has been, it’s no wonder the holidays have quickly crept up on us this year! Christmas is right around the corner, are you prepared?

Work Smarter, not Harder.

To decrease stress in any situation, it is necessary to have a plan of action. Have you ever had a Christmas where you waited so late to do your shopping that it became so overwhelming, you just wanted Christmas to be over?

This Christmas will be different. With Mesmos’s free Printable Christmas Planner, you can easily plan everything about your Christmas season. This planner is packed full of helpful tips and tricks, as well as a planning strategy to assure that your holiday season is not only under control but filled with joy.

By planning your holiday season, you set your future self up for success.

Let me set two very different scenes for you:

Scene 1: You’re sitting at your desk, drinking a nice warm cup of hot chocolate. On your desk are a few fancy pens, some beautiful stationery, and your Christmas Planner. You feel a wave of relief looking over your planner and realize exactly what you have left to do. Your mind is clear, and there is a freedom you feel to enjoy this holiday season.

Scene 2: You’re sitting at your desk drinking a coffee because you have so much left to accomplish. On your desk are some rose gold desk accessories and some stationery, but nothing else. There are two weeks left until Christmas, and you still haven’t done your shopping. You also are throwing a Christmas party on Friday, and it seems to have crept up on you.

The stress is building and containing you, like a prisoner that just has to get through the holiday season.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for option number 1.

Here are a few ways this planner will keep you organized:

  • Intention Setting to Create a Memorable Christmas
  • Budget Planning and Budget Tracker
  • November Calendar and tips for planning November
  • December Calendar and tips for planning December
  • Christmas Card List
  • Christmas Gift List
  • Party Planning
  • Menu Planning
  • Shopping List
  • Reflections for a Joyful Christmas

Budget, Budget, Budget.

You have to have a budget plan for Christmas. It’s vital, it’s necessary, it’s of the utmost importance.

According to Family Money Plan, if people don’t plan a holiday budget, they end up spending way more than they can afford. The infamous Forbes American business magazine even says to make a budget list (and check it twice!) to have a more affordable holiday season.

Business Insider says experts are expecting massive shipping delays this year due to the pandemic and low inventory leading up to the holiday season, so your holiday shopping season should have a plan and begin soon (now!)

Holidays are meant for joy, not stress.

Remember when you were a child and couldn’t sleep on Christmas Eve? Ah, I wish I could go back to those carefree nights waiting for Santa Clause to climb down the chimney, excitedly waking my parents up in the morning so it could finally be Christmas!

Let me tell you a secret: as adults, we are still allowed to feel that joy.

We can still enjoy Christmas, our families, gift-giving and receiving, and the abundance of joy this holiday brings.

By planning your holiday season, peace of mind and joy come naturally. Start planning today.

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