Modern Desk Accessories for the Working Mom

Being a working mom is tough. Anybody who tells you it’s easy is lying to you. Not only do you have to balance working and taking care of your child, but you also need to have some time for yourself. The key to this? Organization. Yes, ‘organization’, the word that strikes fear into the hearts of many of us. In this blog post, I will share with you the modern desk accessories that can help you become more organized, and therefore have more time for what really matters.

Online stationery stores are a great way to save time and energy.

We could all do with some extra time each day. The easiest way to save time is to buy your cool desk accessories online. Online stationers, such as MESMOS, are the ideal place to order chic desk accessories that make your working life a little easier, and a little fancier.

Desk accessories for women come in all shapes and sizes.

By creating a streamlined and attractive workspace, you are able to have what you need close to hand, while also working in a positive environment. Rose gold desk accessories are the current trend in modern office supplies for women. They add a touch of class and brighten up any workspace. So, what modern desk accessories do you need to help you stay organized?

The best place to start is with a rose gold desk organizer.

The word ‘organize’ is there in the name! For me, the perfect way to organize my workspace is with a pen holder, to stop those pesky pens escaping all over the place, and also a stationery set box which includes office must-haves such as rose gold scissors, paperclips, a tape dispenser, and my personal favorite, a rose gold stapler.

Organization doesn’t have to be a grind.

By incorporating matching, coordinated desk accessories into your workspace, you feel this sense of unity throughout. In addition to the usual staples (pardon the pun) you’ll find in your workspace, you might also want to consider incorporating a small chest of paper drawers and a filing cabinet to help you organize your paperwork.

You’ll NEED a calendar or diary too to help you stay organized. A tip that I personally find to be useful, is to have a diary for family things, and a diary for work things. This helps to keep your home life and work life separate, and therefore easier to manage. I love this yearly planner, Acrylic Wall Calendar,   for work. A whiteboard or pinboard is also useful to write reminders or important information you need to remember. Maybe something like this? Bulletin Board.  Additionally, treating yourself to a notepad, in which you write your daily to-do list, will go a long way in helping you to stick to deadlines and get your jobs done.

An organized workspace = an organized mind.[1]

That sounds so cliché, I know it. But when you are in a tidy environment, and a pretty environment too, your mind feels more at ease. You feel more able to cope, and are therefore more organized. The simple things often make the biggest difference.


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