Is There a Link Between Pretty Stationery and Productivity?

As you read the title of this blog post, you might be wondering what planet I am currently on! But bear with me and you’re likely to be impressed. You see, there are tons of studies that show a link between tidy workspaces, or a positive environment, and productivity. Why should it be any different for using beautiful stationery? If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time in your work environment, whether that be your home office, or an actual office, and it can become pretty mundane. When you become tired of your workspace, your motivation can dwindle. Something as simple as a piece of pretty stationery is enough to perk you up, right? I know that if I use a fancy pen, I want to write more. If I use rose gold scissors or staplers, I want to find more things to cut. By tweaking our work environment with pretty stationery and chic desk accessories, maybe we’re more likely to be productive?

Having your workspace in check prior to working is important.

There’s no way you can do your best work in an environment that is untidy or unwelcoming. Making your workspace a happy place before you get down to business can make all the difference. Of course, I’m talking specifically about stationery here, but if you allow me a tangent for a moment. Flowers, plants, photographs, and this kind of thing make for a happy workplace.

Pretty, and useful, stationery is the key to being productive.

Yes, there are other things that impact productivity too, like the company you work for, and the stress of your job, even your colleagues. Stationery is something you can control. The power is in your hands, and even something as little as stationery can give us the boost we need. Starting with the basics: pens. Pens are something all of us use, even those of us that are technology whizzes. You’ll always need a pen. Choosing a pen with a positive message, or one that writes beautifully, or is pretty to look at, can get those cogs turning and get us excited.

Stationery is more than pens.

An attractive notepad, a fancy pen holder, a gold stapler, or any other chic desk accessory, are all part of stationery. We all have certain items that we find ourselves leaning towards. For me, it’s notepads. You can’t have enough notepads! Finding those pieces of stationery that bring you joy, brings a little extra happiness to our day. That feeling you have when you pick up that beautiful pen and write in that stylish notepad is just *chef’s kiss* perfect.

You have to find stationery that suits your style.

Our workspaces should reflect who we are as people. Finding things in an online stationery store is a great way to add to your workspace and boost that productivity of yours. If you’re into plants, maybe try out a plant webcam cover. Whatever you love, go for it. Give it a go and let us know what you find!

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