Plant Lover Gifts: What to Buy for the Plant-Lover Who Has It All

Let’s face it… The pandemic has turned us all into plant lovers. When we’ve been trapped indoors, many of us have suddenly found that our homes have become overrun with plant-life. There are so many benefits to indoor plants – not just the scientific stuff like air-purification, but also the impact they can have on your mental health. Studies have shown that indoor plants benefit both your well-being and your productivity. That’s a win-win in my book. As we are all spending a lot of time at home, covering every available surface in greenness has become the norm. So, what do you buy for the plant lover who has it all? Maybe that’s you and you’re looking for a cheeky little treat for yourself, or maybe it’s for a loved one. Either way, this blog post will talk you through plant lover gifts, both of the leafy-green variety and some things a little less alive.

More plants! You have to admit, you saw that one coming, didn’t you! There are some super cool plants out there that you’ve never even heard of. These are a good place to start. My personal favorites are the plants you can put in hanging baskets and they trail to the floor. Ideal if, like me, you don’t have any counter-top space left for more plants. String of Pearls, String of Hearts, String of Dolphins, and all the other ‘String of’ plants are not only beautiful but also unusual. Alternatively, Living Stones or Pebble Plants, are super cool too if you’re looking for something more ‘succulent’-like.  Along the same lines, are Rose Succulents. Succulents that look like roses, who would have thought it? So yeah, what do you buy a plant lover who has it all? More plants! If you’d like to see more unusual plants, check out House Beautiful: Unusual House Plants.

Plant-related gifts. Literally, anything with a plant on it. MESMOS will be releasing some adorable webcam covers which make the perfect plant lovers’ gift. On the same thread, any homeware with plants on it is a great gift for plant lovers. Alternatively, help your plant lover friend make their home office themed. You could treat them to a beautiful gold plant pot and accompany it with some gold desk accessories too. Golden scissors, a gold stapler, and maybe even some fancy ballpoint pens would go nicely with this aesthetic, don’t you think? One step further, a gorgeous gold water-mister or watering can (such as this one on Etsy, Gold Water Mister) would be the perfect addition. Gold is back in fashion in a big way, make the most of it!

Modern desk accessories, coupled with beautiful plants, are the way forwards. With us being stuck in our home offices, or at least stuck at home more than before, the addition of greenery can have a great impact on our lives. It brightens up the space, making it more pleasant for us to work in. Accenting the green of the plants with gold accessories, such as gold scissors or a gold stapler, is a great way to modernize your working environment, aiding productivity and putting smiles on our faces.

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