Webcam Covers: The Hot New Accessory for the Working Woman

With more of us working from home than ever before, you might stumble down the rabbit hole of different home-office accessories. You can find some weird and wonderful things out there for your office, that you need. One that you do actually need, not just want because it’ll look nice on your desk, is a sliding webcam cover. The purpose of which, is to prevent webcam espionage. No, that’s not as romantically spy-like as it sounds. What this means is that cybercriminals can access your device and spy through the camera, sometimes called ‘camfecting’. Admittedly, this is rare. But consider this for a second, you’ve just finished off a video chat meeting with prospective clients. You forget to turn off your webcam and end the chat. Sounds silly, but it happens more than you’d think. The client could then continue to see you. Having a webcam cover, or a camera phone cover, gives you that extra peace of mind.

Finding the perfect webcam cover for you isn’t as difficult as you’d think. Of course, you could get the bog-standard black sliding cover. Or use a piece of sticky tape, like Mark Zuckerberg famously does.  However, if you’re looking for something a little funkier, or classier, you can purchase the beautiful plant lover themed webcam covers, soon to be available through our website. Our home-office spaces always look better, and brighter, with a couple of plants dotted around. Adding a laptop camera cover, with the cutest little plant adornment, is the perfect way to protect yourself, while keeping your workspace looking professional, yet fun!

Whether you are looking for a MacBook camera cover, or a camera phone cover, a simple sliding webcam cover will do the trick.  Jake Moore, a cybersecurity expert explains, “By leaving your webcam uncovered, you are essentially placing a surveillance camera into your home.” With many of us relying on Zoom and the like to earn a living, we need to use webcams. Taking a proactive approach, by purchasing something as simple as a webcam cover, helps you to stay a step ahead of the curve. As an added bonus, the webcam covers recently released by MESMOS are the cutest gift for plant lovers. What’s not to love? Staying safe, while accessorizing your laptop, phone, or tablet. 

Your working space should make you happy. It should also be functional. There’s a fine line between functional and boring. Your desk accessories shouldn’t be boring, so why should your webcam cover? You’ve spent all that time choosing a gold stapler, cute scissors, some indoor plants, why would you buy a plain webcam cover. You wouldn’t! Treat yourself to something funky, cute, and practical. The peace of mind you get from buying a webcam cover is totally worth it. I promise! Covering your webcam is becoming the norm, especially in the current pandemic. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to keep yourself safe and secure.

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