How Online Stationery is Thriving In Our Paperless Society Today

How online stationery is thriving in our paperless society today

The world is turning more digital every day. E-mails, instant messaging, and online forms of communication are slowly taking over personal and physical interactions. The internet is useful, but the power and beauty of pen and paper should never be underestimated.

The Daily Grind

Your job may be to work from home, from the office, or even on the go. Whether it involves leading a company, answering to a boss, or taking care of your children, you work and you work hard.

Here for You

That is why Mesmos was created. We strive to help your voice be heard through beautiful stationery, because how you speak matters just as much as what you say. Learn what inspired us to create the perfect tools and desk accessories for women to help tackle any task one to-do list at a time.


Life can become chaotic and busy. Shopping shouldn’t be. Mesmerizing Moments is a stationery store online that allows you to order your supplies right from your desk.


Choose from a variety of options, such as modern desk accessories or a stationery set box. Take advantage of the power you have to turn your workplace into an inviting space that inspires you to accomplish all of your goals.


If the world is turning to computers and phones, though, why revert back to papers and stamps?

The fact is that letters and stationery have never gone out of style, they have simply gotten lost among the electronic options that surround society. Just as there is a time and a place for an e-mail, there is a time and a place for a letter or a thank-you card.

Paper allows you to tack up a to-do list as a visual reminder of your goals, to leave a thoughtful note for your coworker, or to draft your plans into action.

Beyond the Text

Whether it’s a memo to a company or a personal narrative to a friend, stationery has the power to convey your message through more than just words. Although e-mails and texts may be quick and easy, it is the time and thought that goes into a letter that shows how much you care.


The beautiful fact about stationery is that you can add your own personal touch. Whether you spritz it with your perfume to spice it up or tastefully illustrate it with hand-drawn designs, you have the opportunity to express your message in style.


Anyone can write an e-mail, but a handwritten message shows the real heart behind it. Paper and stationery allow you to communicate with someone on a personal, sincere level. It sends a message of respect and care.

Stand Out

Rather than cluttering up someone’s e-mail, running the risk of getting deleted before even being read, or getting missed entirely because you ended up in the junk mail folder, send a personalized letter to help you stand out from the crowd. Paper will catch the eye of the recipient and draw their attention to you.

Make it Memorable

The memories built on sight and touch are even stronger than those built on sight alone. Invitations and letters that can be held are invitations and letters that will be remembered. Give your friends or employees something that can be treasured and displayed.

Get Creative

Apart from sending out your stationery, enjoy its positive presence yourself with a variety of uses such as, but not limited to:

  • To-do lists
  • Budgets
  • Schedules
  • Reminders
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Maybe even a paper airplane—after all, everyone deserves a little fun now and again

Don’t limit yourself. The possibilities are endless, and you have the power to create your vision with tools that will motivate and encourage you to pursue your passion.

Minimize Stress

We offer not only beautiful and inspiring paper designs but a variety of office essentials. Online shopping allows for a careful selection of exactly the kinds of supplies you need. It minimizes the stress of the store and maximizes the joy of shopping.

Find It All

Paper, pens, even pen holders, do not have to be boring or plain. Mesmos offers chic desk accessories that are both aesthetic and functional.

Set Yourself Up for Success

As studies have shown, the environment in which you work has a great effect on your productivity and achievements. Enhance your environment and your productivity with artistic supplies.

You have the power to take charge of your surroundings and transform how you work. Fill your space with beautiful supplies to maximize your performance. Why choose function over design when you can have both?

Ignite Your Passion

Show others your love and care through personal touches and beautiful stationery. Give yourself the best shot at success by using the best materials available. Ignite your passion, love, and courage, and remember that you can take on the world.

Shop Mesmos Today

Choose tools that don’t just help you to work, but inspire you to create. Choose Mesmos.

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