The Timeless Nature of Rose Gold, and How It Should Be Your New Color at Home

The Home Office Through Rose-Colored Glasses: Rose Gold Is a Timeless Color

All around the world, women suddenly working from home find themselves looking around and wondering whether their household office spaces bring them joy. They should: Joy and beauty aren’t to be underestimated for a place where you’ll spend much of your days, these days. Whether you’re looking for a gentle spruce-up or a drastic makeover, rose gold can add sparkle and shine that will keep you smiling throughout the work week. It’s a color that is welcome in about any scheme, too. Rose gold can, in fact, glitter if you’re talking about metals. It can look like a softer bronze. In textiles, rose gold can shape shift from a sunny pink to a pinky beige to peach. You can incorporate it into your home office in many beautiful ways.

Start With Your Desk

First, take a look at the surface where your work takes place. Is it organized, with supplies readily accessible? Hunting for a pen, scissors, staples, takes time and thought away from productivity. While you’re gathering all your supplies in one place, you might as well gather them into one beautiful collection–the better to keep your workplace visually appealing as well as functional.

A Rose Gold Office Suite

Rose gold desk accessories such as those at Mesmos get the job done while adding sparkle to your workday. Mesmos, an Australian company, caters to working women who appreciate touches of beauty with their rose gold office accessories. Order a complete set of rose gold office supplies, or start with a rose gold desk organizer, then accessorize with sparkle pens, stapler and scissors. If you’re looking for motivating mantras, Mesmos has downloadable desktop wallpapers and calendars that will help keep you focused on getting the job done in a timely manner, too.

Add Light, Sound and Greenery

Whether your home office is a separate room, a desk in the living area, or a nook tucked into a bedroom or kitchen, you can carry your beautiful rose gold decorating scheme through with accessories on the desk and elsewhere. You can:

  • Shine a light
  • Add plants and flowers
  • Create a sound bath

Brass and rose-gold metallics are good choices for lamps and lighting. White or crystal shades lend a soft, complementary glow. Choose a brass banker’s lamp if you need extra light on your desk. If a window provides light, you can choose whatever your heart desires to fit your decor.

Plants are known to add more than ambience to your home. They can reduce carbon dioxide, pollutants and dust, as well as being mood enhancers. Speaking of mood, don’t forget that music and soft sounds can soothe throughout your workday and as you transition into that elusive “time off” from being at home in the office. A music player with your favorite tunes, a fountain that trickles gently, and windchimes that stir in the breeze might make you so comfortable at your desk that you remain happily focused on your tasks well past quitting time.

Keeping it Rosy Throughout the Home

Since your home office isn’t an entity unto itself, you’ll want to coordinate your decor with the rest of the household. Gray walls look pretty with rose gold, and many have adapted this trend already. As Pantone Color Institute transitions into a new color scheme for 2020, though, you might want to look forward with a makeover.

Walls of Wonder

Pantone’s color of the year is Classic Blue–not an intuitive match for rose gold, but check out some of the complementary colors such as Stucco and Peace Quartz, which together would make up something like rose gold. Others to try: Pink Tint or Coconut Milk from the Snorkel suite, or Silver Plated or Red Violet from Desert Twilight. Alternatively, go bold with dark greens or blues for contrast. If your home office is in a kitchen nook, you’ll likely already have a white or neutral backdrop, so your accessories will make your rose gold statements.

Let’s Accessorize

Philip Friedman

Elle Decor suggests what it calls rose-gold glam with touches such as candles, a wall clock, an end table with metallic legs, even a chair of lilac loops with rose gold legs. A rose quartz lantern can add a soothing glow. Artwork in tones of rose gold, whether pastel or metallic, adds wall interest. Textiles add warmth and texture. Look for pale pink or rose colored comforters, and pillows of matching or contrasting colors. If you feel your rose gold theme is becoming overwhelming, step back a little with whites and neutrals. Taupe and gray are naturals, although you certainly can make a bold statement with a black backdrop for your rose gold scheme. However you make it your own, rose gold is a timeless color that will help you stay grounded in time, motivated and yes, even happy as you work from home.

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