Motivational Wallpaper 2021

What are you staring at during the early hours of your day? When you turn on your computer, do you see an amazing motivational wallpaper before your very eyes?!

Did you know on average we spend at LEAST 7 hours per day using our screens? It’s a big number, and one that may be difficult to reduce if you’re a resilient, badass working woman…or if you just delight in tantalizing internet pursuits!

Whatever the reason, the ladies here at Mesmos want to inspire and encourage you to seek pleasure in moments that we might pass as mundane; through our beautiful desktop wallpaper!

A Wallpaper is just a wallpaper, but it’s what you bring to it and what you take from it that creates a profound effect on your state of mind. Every month, let us take you on a journey with our charming Wallpapers that aim to encapsulate your most extraordinary dreams.

Download our inspirational wallpaper for your computer!

To download our wallpapers, right click the dimensions and select “Save link as…”

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